Writing methods

About 80 years ago when modern education reached Hunza, some educated Burushos began to write the Burushaski language. Three people became famous in the history of writing Burushaski: the late Haji Qudratullah Baig, who developped the first Burushaski primerc̣ with Roman-English as well as Arabic-Urdu letters. After him the late Allama Nasiiruddin Nasiir Hunzai wrote in a different writing system based on Arabic-Urdu letters his Burushaski poetry (Diwan-e-Nasiri), and alongside he worked with Hermann Berger to develop the Roman-Burushaski alphabet. Ghulamuddin Ghulaam Hunzai also wrote his  Burushaski poetry books with still another writing system based on Arabic-Urdu letters.

At the same time linguistic scholars from abroad also used Roman-letter based alphabets for their work of analysing Burushaski. Currently, at least 6 different versions for writing Burushaski exist.

Seeing this, we are happy that Burushos also not only want to write their language but put efforts into it. Thus, it will be useful, if Burushos from Hunza, Nager and Yasin use one method each for writing Burushaski with  Arabi and with Roman letters. This will enhance the progress of language development. We hope that the people get together to create unity regarding this matter for the sake of the coming generations.

Until then, we continue here with our current systems both in Roman (slightly modified for easier reading) and in Urdu-Arabic letters (soon to be seen).


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