On this page, we will add translated Sahiifas step by step, productions of Hunza Burushos within Burushaski Language Services. Speakers: 1) Sherbaz Kaleem, 2) Haider Ali. Recording team: Ghazi Karim and Abbas. We invite you to give us feedback via the link or email.

Playlist Hazrat Iisaa:

Hazrat Iisaa's Life Story is written in the Holy Injiil. Although four people have written about Him, here we are presenting to you portions written by Luke.


Playlist God creating the World:

The Sahiifas of God creating the World are in the first part of the first Book of the Tooreet. This part spans out from creation to the first sin, to further sinning and the account of Hazrat Nuuh, up to the development of nations with their own languages.

Playlist Hazrat Ibraahiim:

The Sahiifas of Hazrat Ibraahiim are in the second part of the first Book of the Tooreet. Hazrat Ibraahiim came about two thousand one hundred years before Hazrat Iisaa. The name his parents gave him was Abraam, but later God changed his name to Ibraahiim.


Playlist Hazrat Yaaquub:

The Sahiifas of Hazrat Yaaquub are in the third part of the first Book of the Tooreet. Here we find the transition from Hazrat Ibraahiim via Hazrat Ishaaq to Hazrat Yaaquub, and then the full account of Hazrat Yaaquub's life, until the focus switches to his son Hazrat Yuusuf.



Playlist Hazrat Yuusuf:

The Sahiifas of Hazrat Yuusuf are in the fourth and last part of the first Book of the Tooreet. In it we present the account of Hazrat Yuusuf who was sold to Egypt by his brothers. But God looked after him, and you may listen to this and how his family received help in a famine.

Playlist Ruth:

Sahiifa Ruth is a true story about a woman.

 Playlist Hazrat Yuunus:

Sahiifa Hazrat Yuunus is about Hazrat Yuunus who got the order from God to go to the city Nineveh to bring them God's message of destruction.