Folktales - here in Hunza Burushaski so far - are part of a much wider Burushaski legacy.

Playlist 1: This series of folktales comes from various speakers.

Playlist 2: This series of folktales is collected from various senior speakers, and the retold by Touseef Abbas (TA). His comment on Tuesday, 22nd January 2019: "I, Touseef Abbas, authorize BLS on behalf of the Burusho community to record and publish Burusho folk stories in the larger interest of the community for the preservation and development of the Burushaski language. Therefore I am recording these folk stories for BLS, to be published in future for the community."

Playlist 3: This series of folktales is collected from various speakers, and retold by Sher Baz Kaleem or Haider Ali, together with added word explanations of words that might not be used often as in the past. Each story is presented here in two versions - 1) as originally told (by Essa Khan - EK), and 2) with purified Burushaski and explanations (by Sher Baz Kaleem - SK). These stories were recorded by Ghazi Karim and Abbas.

Playlist 4 and 5: folktales collected by Hermann Berger, with permission of his family and the German publisher "Harassowitz Verlag", we are excited to make them now accessible to the Burusho language community. Their source: Berger, Hermann, 1998, Die Burushaski-Sprache von Hunza und Nager Teil II, Texte mit Übersetzungen, Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden. These stories are comparatively old, and for that reason we present them here in two versions - in the original version (except for endings sometimes) and the version a bit adjusted as natural for today's young Burushos.

Playlist 6: Another set of local folktales, collected by Lorimer 1935 (The Burushaski Language, Vol. II, Texts and Translations, Instituttet for Sammenlignende Kulturforskning, Oslo). Touseef Abbas presents them to you in language a bit adjusted to current ways of speaking.



All series will see more stories published - just see and listen in!

Playlist 1 - General Folktales

Playlist 2 - Folktales TA

Playlist 3 - Folktales collected by Sher Baz Kaleem

Playlist 4 - Original folktales collected by Hermann Berger


Playlist 5 - Folktales collected by Hermann Berger in today's speech


Playlist 6 - Local folktales collected by Lorimer