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Writing Burushaski with Roman-based letters:

We have added an instruction how to write the diacritics in Burushaski based on Roman letters with the Burrom 1, 2, or 3 keyboards, and how to install these (Burrom 3 is the current version). These leave the decision about orthrography to the language community, but facilitate interim writing on Windows computers, until something more comprehensive is on the market. The link to the installation files is at the bottom of this page, However, if it does not work, please request access to the Burrom keyboards after downloading the installation instruction from info@burushaski-ls.com by giving your email address.

Writing Burushaski with Urdu-based letters (this works with Keyman 11 now):

New development (due to combined effort of Rahmat Aziz Chitrali and SIL) - here is an instruction how to get the Burushaski Research Academy style keyboard on your Android Mobile.

For Android Mobile: The detailed version with screen shots is now downloadable. Here is a summary:

Playstore => Install Keyman 11 => Settings => System(s) => Go to Language & Input => Set Keyman as Default Keyboard => Use the „globe“ button to switch languages => Download the Burushaski Keyboard from Keyman => Switch from English to Burushaski by using the „globe“ button again.

For Windows computers, MAC computers, iPads and iPhones: The instruction with screen shots is also downloadable. Keyman 11 is recommended now.


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